Avrey #30 in The Medium Q

Exercise Therapy
Muscular Dystophy
Equality Fitness & Recreation
4 months - Weekly Exercise Therapy/Transition Sessions
Edmonton, AB

$525.00 of $1,500.00 funded

Avrey's Story

I was born with muscular dystrophy. Because of this, I currently use a power wheelchair and have very weak bones and muscles. I know I need to get active, but am unsure about what I can and cannot do safely for my body. I am 20 years old and my bones are very fragile and brittle but I know that being active will have many benefits, I just require support to get going and learn how to exercise with my disability.

How will this treatment impact Avrey's life?

Leaving my house in the winter time is difficult due to the lack of accessibility in my community and the snow. I am needing to get back active consistently and require some support due to my muscular dystrophy

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